Research & Reports

Research underpins M4W Activities

The directors of M4W have over 30 years experience as health professionals working in clinical settings, and 20 years experience asacademic researchers in music, arts, health, wellbeing and education.

It is exciting to respond to the growing understanding for how the brain accesses and organises music, the body’s chemical reactions and its effects on physical, emotional, cognitive and social wellbeing.

Activities can be designed to support specific functioning, such as helping with speech organisation, as well as more general functioning.

It is known that singing can help to:
  • Bypass damaged neural networks in the brain and establish new networks
  • Build stronger connections between brain regions e.g. auditory and motor cortex
  • Improve movement and sensory function
  • Connect the processes for thinking about actions and undertaking actions
  • Improve memory, attention and action sequencing
  • Stimulate hormones important for social bonding and feeling good
  • Help with organising and articulating speech


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